Volunteering and continued freedom of choice

  1. Joining IBERICA CSSG does not obligate Members to participate in clinical studies. Members are free to decide upon their participation at all times.
  2. IBERICA will introduce clinical trials that IBERICA CSSG Members can potentially participate in. Members are free to decide if they want to receive further details and explanation or not. Members are not obligated to participate in a study just because they receive ask to receive further details and explanation. Members are free at all times to decide what they believe is in their best interest.

    A Members’ freedom of choice is respected at all times.

Protecting Member’s Privacy

  • IBERICA USA is dedicated to protecting the privacy of IBERICA CSSG Members and furthermore, Good Clinical Practice (GCP) demands that pharmaceutical companies and medical sites protect the human rights (including privacy) and safety of study participants.
  • Investigators and all medical staff involved in clinical trials have legal obligations to keep your participation confidential, and furthermore can be punished by law if they should breach this trust.
  • All personal information of study participants’ is strictly protected, with it being coded so as to ensure individuals cannot be identified.