Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Q1 What is a clinical trial?
Clinical trials are research studies that people are asked to participate in so as to assess the efficacy or safety of a new therapeutic product. Please refer to “What is clinical research?” for more information.

Q2 What is an IBERICA Clinical Study Support Group Member?
IBERICA Clinical Study Support Group Members are volunteers who help to develop the new drugs of tomorrow by participating in clinical trials.

Q3 Can I register as an IBERICA CSSG Member?
For those interested in perhaps joining IBERICA CSSG, we are currently looking for healthy Japanese male or female volunteers who:

  1. Reside in New York or New Jersey;
  2. Are over 18 years old;
  3. Can make time in their schedule for short-term residence at clinic during a study or can telecommute from clinic using its wireless internet access; and
  4. Are ethically motivated to participate in clinical trials and wish to learn more about the process that provides the life-saving drugs upon which we all depend

Q4 How safe is it?
The investigational drugs that are tested in clinical trials have been assessed for their safety profile to the greatest degree possible prior to beginning clinical trials. The medical sites where trials are conducted are sufficiently equipped and staffed by qualified medical experts and lead by an experienced doctor that has been approved by an Investigational Review Board (IRB) to conduct clinical trials.

Q5 Are there any side effects?
All medicines have side effects, even those you can buy readily over-the-counter. For example, some people become sleepy when they take everyday cold medicines. Any effect you experience other than the one you want when you take a medicine is categorized as a side effect. All current information on the side effects of the investigational drug is fully explained to volunteers by a doctor or staff member prior to their making a decision to participate in the study.

Q6 I am not very good at English. Can I participate in clinical trials?
No problem. IBERICA will fully support the communication between subjects and clinical staff. Interpreters will stay at the facility with you for 24 hours.

Q7 Will I be paid for transportation if I need to travel a long distance to participate in the study?
If you need to travel a long distance to participate in the trial, your transportation fees will be paid according to in-house policy. Should you have any questions, please contact us for details, as rules, conditions and reimbursement limits apply.

Q8 What is IBERICA Clinical Study Support Group?
IBERICA CSSG is a volunteer group of caring people that live among us all, but what makes them special is their will and desire to act upon their innate volunteer spirit for the betterment of people’s healthcare worldwide.
IBERICA CSSG is always looking to volunteers who want to register as a member.

Q9 What kind of company is IBERICA USA?
IBERICA USA, Inc. is an American subsidiary of IBERICA Holdings, a Japanese company with its headquaters in Fukuoka, Japan. Based in New Jersey, IBERICA USA provides clinical research services in the USA to support the drug development activities of pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies.

Q10 What kind of company is IBERICA Holdings?
IBERICA Holdings was established in 1996 in Fukuoka, and provides clinical research services to support the drug development activities of pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. Please see IBERICA Holdings’ webpage for details.