Development Consultation

With the ever increasing costs of drug development, selecting the best development strategy early on can lead to considerable cost savings down the line. If future plans for the new product include the Japanese market, pharma and bio companies need to very carefully consider strategies for either simultaneous development or prepare the groundwork for a bridging study. With the right approach Sponsors can succeed in cutting time and costs for developing a product for both the US and Japanese markets. The key to achieving this success is the right partner—IBERICA is that partner.

Partnering and Commercialization Consulting Services for the Japanese Market

IBERICA’s broad network of relationships in every aspect of Japan’s pharmaceutical industry helps clients take full advantage of market opportunities in Japan, the world’s second-largest market for pharmaceuticals. Our consulting services can provide a quick and accurate assessment of the market potential for brand or generic prescription drugs and medical devices, introduce clients to strategic partnering opportunities, and work with clients to develop commercialization and distribution strategies in Japan.