The philosophy of ‘realizing high quality studies and reliable data through greater respect of and superior care for subjects’ is apparent throughout our design and implementation.

Because of this, IBERICA is able to establish a relationship of trust built on respect and care by all stakeholders in a trial. This allows IBERICA USA to recruit educated and ethically motivated subjects who are domiciled in comfortable, home-like facilities that are staffed by highly-skilled research personnel who have access to state-of-the-art medical technology.

IBERICA works very hard to educate each volunteer of the importance of clinical trials and the importance of their individual contribution to realizing novel new therapies for numerous diseases and ailments. IBERICA USA believes that having this background makes our volunteers different from other volunteers, as it is through this knowledge that they become ethically motivated people.

Respect & Care
Unlike some other research centers that are primarily focused on maximizing profit, our primary focus is on providing greater respect for and superior care to its study participants. This difference in focus is evident immediately upon arriving at our facility, with its superior study environment, highly qualified and thoughtful staff, and overall attention to the daily needs of volunteers.