Corporate Social Responsibility

Working in the healthsciences field requires the highest of professional and ethical standards from all involved. It is a fact that the work performed by IBERICA USA’s staff, directly impacts on bringing future healthscience products to market. Therefore it is our obligation to provide only the best in skills and knowledge to ensure only the safest and efficacious products reach society at large.

As an active member of society focused on advancing the healthsciences, IBERICA USA is serious about its commitments as a good corporate citizen. So much so that Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) ideals are fully incorporated into the Company’s Mission Statement and Management Mission Statement. In addition to this, IBERICA USA’s Code of Conduct is as follows.

Code of Conduct

IBERICA USA’s directors and employees shall pursue corporate activities in accordance with the following principles as well as all applicable laws and regulations, thereby positively contributing to the healthsciences and honoring the trust the Company receives from society.

  1. To faithfully contribute to people’s health and well-being by providing ethical means to establish evidence based medicine (EBM) for food, ethical drug and medical device products alike.
  2. To pursue honorable corporate activities by abiding by all laws and regulations, and conducting fair and ethical corporate activities. This implies by association that IBERICA USA will also avoid all contact with individuals or corporate entities that are involved in activities which violate the law or other commonly-accepted standards of responsible social behavior.
  3. To respect the human rights and dignity of all individuals associated with IBERICA USA—such as volunteers, employees and miscellaneous stakeholders—during the conduct of all corporate activities.
  4. To provide a supportive and challenging environment where employees can focus their creative skills and further develop their knowledge and abilities.
  5. To appropriately manage all information acquired through IBERICA USA’s corporate activities, by adequately and fairly disclosing information to society on IBERICA USA’s corporate actions and also by faithfully protecting and responsibly disposing personal and client information.
  6. To care for the natural environment, IBERICA USA will focus on reducing its environmental footprint and carbon emissions.