Corporate Philosophy

Corporate Mission Statement

To contribute to the better health of all people worldwide through the conduct of first-class clinical studies.

Management Mission Statement

It is the mission of IBERICA USA’s management

  1. To respect and acknowledge the contribution of volunteers and patients to product development and the healthsciences by capturing reliable, meaningful data and maximizing its utility.
  2. To provide innovative safety and efficacy development solutions that focus product development on timely evidence-based medicine (EBM) and data collected from ethically motivated volunteers and patients.
  3. To maximize customer and corporate value through the development and expansion of innovative, quality-based services.
  4. To provide a challenging work environment that supports on-going education while allowing for each individual’s personal creativity.
  5. To conduct only ethical, science-based research that will contribute to society and advance product development and the healthsciences.

Corporate Slogan

Providing the ‘Heart’ at the Core of Clinical Trials