Message from the President

We are IBERICA. It is our goal to promote new drug development through better clinical research. Before providing new drugs to the patients of the world, we need to first conduct clinical research in humans to test and ensure its safety and efficacy. Although it seems obvious, it requires great courage on the part of those who actually volunteer to be given new drugs for the first time. Therefore, when we at IBERICA think about the volunteer’s feelings, we constantly remind ourselves about the great kindness and giving associated with each and every piece of data gained through our clinical studies. Our job is to maintain discipline and ensure safety and respect for each volunteer; to value each and every piece of data from the bottom of our hearts, because—although they appear to be only numbers lined up in columns—each represents a selfless gift from a volunteer.

Putting this deep respect/philosophy into action, IBERICA opened our own clinical research facility in Eatontown, New Jersey. By not only respecting each volunteer’s mental and physical health but also, by educating volunteers to have awareness of the meaning of clinical research, we have created a facility to conduct a higher level of research. From this “first class” research facility, we hope to support not only bringing excellent new drugs to market, but also to be able to help people worldwide in terms of social contribution, enriched lives and compassion for others.

Toru Mimura, Ph.D.
President and CEO